1999 – 2005

Central Dense are a Progressive Industrial outfit presently based in Liverpool, England. Formed in 1999 and studio based until 2002, the most successful incarnation = 4-piece of Knl, The Creeg, HdmAl, and Sanchez has become “one of Liverpool’s top industrial metal bands.” (Live Magazine, issue 8, Nov 2003). …….. With four self-produced, self-released recordings available (‘Instruction Manual’, ‘Dilated Rotten Smile’, ‘Harness; A Comedy’ and ‘Harness The Tragedy’), ..Central Dense have built up a dedicated fan base that continues to grow rapidly. ..This has been furthered by favourable press regarding the band’s impressive gigging flair, with sell-out shows and Battle of the Bands victories helping to secure the band’s name in co-premiering the burgeoning Project 47 night at the Carling Academy and their undiminishing strength within the Liverpool metal scene… “They’ve got a great rhythm section and some impressive programmed stuff, [and] some good choruses which always entertain… they truly rock…” ..
(, 7/5/04 gig review)
. ..Our reputation has even garnered requests for us to perform at private gigs in city-centre clubs, as “There’s no denying they are good, and lyrically they are superior.”..
(, 13/7/03 gig review)
… We can also perform an acoustic interpretation of our works transposed from the original electronic versions, enabling the often sombre or reflective nature of our songs to be seen from a much less theatrical angle……… ..What Are We…… Central Dense are essentially a progressive industrial band, incorporating elements of metal (however vague a term that is!) and dark electronica, employing involving chord strategies within an emotive soundscape. ….To define our influences, we come across like the bastardised offspring of a vicious orgy involving Nine Inch Nails, Ram Records-style drum ‘n’ bass, Faith No More, Skinny Puppy and the Deftones, but.. “check it out, for fine-tune pigeonholing of this band is far beyond me. I have never heard anything quite like this”.
(The Buz issue 8, April 2003)
Central Dense finished touches to a follow-up E.P. to ‘Harness; A Comedy’, a release described as “Deep, dark, moody and totally atmospheric…” ..(Live Magazine issue 8, Nov 2003)… Harness The Tragedy in 2004/5. After touring through 2005 the project was put on hiatus whilst members worked on solo projects until 2010.

2006 – 2010 = Hiatus.

2011 –

Central Dense has continued it’s work in both production and writing for other artists and finally released the ‘Break In/Break Out’ Ep under it’s own name in early 2011, as a precursor for the following self-titled album. Working back under the founder KNL, Central Dense is gradually accruing a new line up whilst a new catalogue of material is being created.

CENTRAL DENSE 3.0 was released in 2012. This first full length album in 10 years takes the sound back to its more electronic roots, less conceptual than the Harness releases and more of a straight up sonic attack. The 3rd incarnation of the live band is due to tour in the first quarter of 2013.

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